• 121 Stoke Road, Gosport, PO12 1LR
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Reviews for Bay Leaves a Halal Indian Takeaway in Gosport

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Always arrives hot and very quickly

Fantastic food, with great portion sizes for a good price. Always arrives hot and very quickly. Has been my go to for many years and never been let down!

Ben, Gosport at Jun 13, 2022

Outstanding as always

Outstanding as always

Lee Huntley, Gosport at Jun 1, 2022

Excellent service

Excellent service and meals

Martin Newby, Gosport at May 25, 2022

Amazing meal

After hearing the chef had changed at our usual Curry house we decided to try somewhere else in Gosport..... Amazing meal, food arrived HOT in temperature and in taste!!! The Naga Murgh was pretty good. We have joined the club and will be ordering again. 1 minor issue, ordered stuffed Chilli starter (4 piece) but we reviewed 8 pieces of what I assume was Chilli Bites - not a big issue, we just assumed the restaurant had run out of the stuffed Chilli - OR someone can't count to 4 and we just got double measures!!!!

Martin A, Elson at May 20, 2022

Fantastic food

Fantastic food and service every time we order!!

Craig Mitchell, Gosport at May 14, 2022

Always great

Always great

JENNY KYNES, GOSPORT at Apr 20, 2022

Best Indian take out in Gosport

Best Indian take out in Gosport

Rebecca Strong, Gosport at Apr 16, 2022

Brilliant food

Brilliant food and good service.

Lauren Archer, Lee on the Solent at Mar 30, 2022

Always hot and great food

always hot and great food

tanya brown, Gosport at Mar 25, 2022

Wouldn’t go anywhere else

Lovely food, wouldn’t go anywhere else for our Indian.

Georgina Gurnell, Gosport at Mar 21, 2022

Consistently delicious!

Consistently delicious! Always look forward to a takeaway from Bayleaves!

Joe, Gosport at Mar 18, 2022

Lovely food

Lovely food, great service

Kerry Francis, Gosport at Mar 9, 2022

Lovely food

Have been using this place for years now. They never disappoint. Lovely food.

Ali Drewett, Lee on the Solent at Mar 1, 2022

Lovely food

Have been using this place for years now. They never disappoint. Lovely food.

Ali Drewett, Lee on the Solent at Mar 1, 2022

Love these guys!

Always great quality and speedy service no matter what we order. Love these guys!

Josh, Stoke Road at Feb 27, 2022

Would use again and again

Great food great service would use again and again thank you all

Jamie Dale, Gosport at Feb 9, 2022



Emma Poole, Gosport at Jan 14, 2022

The best lamb jelfrezi I’ve ever tasted

Delivery early which was perfect. Food was excellent and the best lamb jelfrezi I’ve ever tasted. This is definitely our new Indian takeaway to use in the future

Paul Costain, Gosport at Jan 10, 2022

Fantastic food

Fantastic food

Rebecca Samson, Gosport at Jan 1, 2022

Swift service for good food

Swift service for good food.

Allison Walton, Gosport at Dec 22, 2021

Best Indian take away

Best Indian take away by far

tania perkins, gosport at Dec 19, 2021

Love it

Regular and love it :)

Richard Collett, Gosport at Dec 10, 2021

The quality of the food is superb

Usually an excellent service. On the odd occasion when they forget something they rush it to us as quickly as they can! The quality of the food is superb and the delivery always on time.

Peter Scammell, Gosport at Nov 19, 2021

Love it

Love it

Emma Barnes, GOSPORT at Nov 5, 2021

Great food

Great food

david martin, Gosport at Sep 25, 2021

Always delicious and never disappointed

Always delicious and never disappointed

Joanne Etherton, Gosport at Aug 21, 2021

Amazing food

Amazing food

Robyn Keefe, Gosport at Aug 17, 2021

Very good food, always

Very good food, always

karen trenery, Gosport at Jul 16, 2021

I love there tandoori chicken tikka masala

My family and I always choose bay leaves went we fancy a Indian. I love there tandoori chicken tikka masala

Jack Lammiman, Gosport at Jul 16, 2021

Best Indian takeaway I've ever used!

Best Indian takeaway I've ever used!

Julie Potts, Gosport at Jun 27, 2021

Great food delivered asap

Great food delivered asap. Thanks

Ian Griffiths, Gosport at Jun 22, 2021

Always delicious

Always delicious

Denise Ashcroft, Gosport at Jun 10, 2021

Food always lovely and fresh

Always delivered on time. Food always lovely and fresh.

Jo, Gosport at May 22, 2021

Excellent value

just to say this has been my first ever indian take away i never liked spicey food before it was so delicious excellent value for money would recomend this resteaurant to any one superb will certainly re use them well done

janis ruffle, gosport leesland road at May 7, 2021

Best food ever

Best food ever great service even got our picky son to eat Indian food

Steve Abbott, Gosport at Apr 2, 2021

Excellent work guys

Absolutely delicious. Never had better. Excellent work guys

Cherie White, Gosport at Mar 27, 2021

Always fantastic

Always fantastic food, and excellent service. Highly recommended

Aaron Ryan, GOSPORT at Mar 21, 2021

Amazing delivery

Amazing delivery, ordered at 3.30pm for delivery 5.30-6pm arrived at 5.25pm., amazing hot food, will be ordering again.

Samantha Line, Gosport at Mar 19, 2021

Excellent food!

Excellent food!

Lawrence Howard, Gosport at Mar 17, 2021

Great food

Great food and as of yet, always on time!

Matthew Bradshaw, Gosport at Mar 13, 2021

Great food

Great food and as of yet, always on time!

Matthew Bradshaw, Gosport at Mar 13, 2021



Lydia Brier, Gosport, Hampshire at Mar 13, 2021

Great value, great food!

Our local Indian takeaway, great value great food!

Jamie Howison, Gosport at Feb 26, 2021

Great food

Great food

Mark Duffy, Gosport at Feb 19, 2021

One of the best Indians in Gosport

The food has always arrived hot and fresh and is one of the best Indians in Gosport (I've tried most of them), The portions are generous. I cannot fault this place, they've always done decent food. Been using them for years!

Anthony, Gosport at Feb 6, 2021



Richard Meadowcroft, GOSPORT at Jan 23, 2021

Great food!

Great food!

Sam Thompson, Gosport at Jan 22, 2021

Food is always good

Food is always good but had to wait two hours waiting on a delivery this evening and when it did finally get here the order wasn’t complete (no onion bhajis).

Lee Rhodes, Lee-on-the-Solent at Jan 9, 2021

Best curry is Gosport

Best curry is Gosport. Friendly staff too!

Chris Dall, Lee-on-the-solent at Dec 28, 2020

Excellent food

Excellent food, great service

Michael Jenkins, Gosport at Dec 19, 2020

Perfect every time

Perfect every time Thank you although I didn’t receive my Bombay potatoes last week

Marion Huntington, Gosport at Dec 13, 2020

Best in Gosport

Best in Gosport

Suzi Rodrigues, Gosport at Dec 6, 2020

The best Indian take away

The best Indian take away outside of Portsmouth and Southampton

Michelle Mose, Gosport at Nov 29, 2020

Excellent service

Excellent service and great food

Donald Seager-Lant, Gosport at Nov 28, 2020

Fabulous food

Fabulous food.

Alan White, Gosport at Nov 20, 2020

Good service

Good service

John Lear, Gosport at Nov 14, 2020

Amazing food!!!

Amazing food!!!

Natalie Xuereb, Lee on solent at Oct 27, 2020

Amazing food and amazing service

Amazing food and amazing service. I would recommend

Freya Williams, Gosport at Oct 24, 2020

Always great food

always great food with lots of meat in all the dishes

Wendy Clark, gosport at Oct 17, 2020

Great food

Great food, the best in Gosport.

Keith White, Gosport at Oct 9, 2020



dean lording, Gosport at Sep 25, 2020

Excellent food

Excellent food

Stephanie Jewell, Gosport at Sep 12, 2020


LOVE LOVE LOVE The food, will NOT go anywhere else!

Lucy Harding, Gosport at Aug 9, 2020

Always a good curry

Always a good curry

Helen Sexton, Lee on the solent at Aug 8, 2020

Great flavour and service

Great flavour and service. However, it may be time to extend / change the selection of dishes. They have not changed for some time.

Paul Dowsett, Gosport at Aug 7, 2020

I keep coming back for more

Well I keep coming back for more I enjoy the food thank you all.

Rebecca Lawton, Gosport at Jun 29, 2020

Always delivered hot

always delivered hot and on time

Jackie Wrapson, gosport at Jun 12, 2020

Always good food

Always good food

Matt Gladwell, GOSPORT at May 29, 2020

Always nice

Always nice

Brian Hopwood, Gosport at May 15, 2020

Food's great

Food's great

Vikkie Theobald, GOSPORT at May 2, 2020

Fantastic food

Fantastic food, great delivery

Stacey Thompson, Gosport at Apr 29, 2020

Beautiful food

Beautiful food; fast delivery. Perfect.

Steve Crook, Gosport at Apr 17, 2020

Best in Gosport

always use this place by far the best in Gosport took ages to find a great Indian local takeaway wouldn't order anywhere else fantastic food always hot and always turn't up earlier thank expected : )

Dale summers, gosport at Apr 11, 2020

Love this place

Love this place only place we get from

Sophie Johnston, Gosport at Apr 2, 2020

Highly recommend

We have never had a bad curry for here would highly recommend

Linda Oakes, Gosport at Mar 28, 2020

Food amazing

Food amazing always

Jasmine Scott, Fareham at Mar 27, 2020

Best Indian takeaway in Gosport!

Best Indian takeaway in Gosport!

Brett Harley, Gosport at Mar 7, 2020

Absolutely outstanding!

Top class food and always delivered within 30 minutes and with a smile. Absolutely outstanding!

Ashley Robinson, Gosport at Dec 3, 2019

Excellent food

Excellent food, great delivery service

Steve Henry, Gosport at Oct 13, 2019

Highly recommended

highly recommended

Beccy, Gosport at Jun 14, 2019

Fabulous food

Never lets us down. Fabulous food.

Neena Edwards, Gosport at May 7, 2019

Excellent food

Excellent food and good value for money.

Richard Gravells, Gosport at Apr 7, 2019

excellent curry

excellent curry

karl sexton, lee on the solent at Mar 9, 2019

Best in Gosport

Best in Gosport

Gentleman of Leisure, gosport at Mar 7, 2019

Food is fine

Food is fine but the special offers are no good for me as i am a single person and to get a discount i have to spend £20

Marty Lee, Gosport at Feb 18, 2019

Great food at a great price

Great food at a great price

Darren Sharkey, Gosport at Jan 22, 2019

Very happy

Our new Indian and been very happy with our first two orders

Lee Turvey, Portsmouth at Jan 5, 2019

Love this Indian

Love this Indian, highly recommend the Shali chicken for an alternative, delicious!

Simon Abery, Gosport at Jan 2, 2019

V good food

V good food and service

Mark Macaulay-Chapman, Gosport at Dec 24, 2018

Best curry around

Best curry around

Sean Russell, Gosport at Nov 9, 2018



Lucy Porter, Gosport at Sep 22, 2018

Good website

Good website, easy to use.

Peter Day, Gosport at Aug 11, 2018


Love my Chicken Madras from bayleaves.

Andy Knight, Gosport at Jun 21, 2018

Excellent food and service

Excellent food and service!!!! My favorite take away place!!!

sameena campbell, gosport at Apr 26, 2018

Good quality food,

Good quality food, Great Online ordering service, Good delivery.

Richard Thompson, Gosport at Mar 17, 2018

5 stars

Absolutely delicious. 5 stars for every dish. Unfortunately they were short of drivers this eve so we waited ages, but food could not be faulted. One improvement for future would be to call us & let us know how long it’ll be. Even so it was worth waiting for, thanks.

Esther Brennan, at Mar 10, 2018

Fantastic food

Fantastic food and very polite staff both on the telephone and the delivery men. Won't buy Indian food anywhere else.

A Clarke, Gosport at Oct 6, 2017

My go to Indian Takeaway

My go to Indian Takeaway. Been using them for years - they always deliver quality, in both service and the food. They also reward loyalty, which is great! Would definitely recommend.

Ali Crowe, Alver at Sep 12, 2017

Great tasty food

Great tasty food at an excellent price..........



always a lovely meal and fast delivery

Jackie Brady , gosport at Sep 6, 2017

Never been let down

Always order from here and never been let down. Fast delivery and tasty food every time!

hayley glover, Gosport at Sep 6, 2017

Best curry in Gosport

Best curry in Gosport

Iain Woodhouse, Gosport at Sep 6, 2017

Great food

Great food tasty hot and on time what more could you ask for.

ian thurling, gosport at Sep 5, 2017

highly recommend

always enjoy our currys here. wouldnt go no where else for it. highly recommend

louise meades, gosport at Sep 5, 2017

Food was great as usual

Food was great as usual, delivered in time and still nice and hot. Naga Murgh is a bit of a family favourite and never disappoints.

Paul Bailey, Gosport at Sep 5, 2017

Quick delivery, good food every time

Quick delivery, good food every time. & reasonable price. Would definately use again.

Sheila Turner, Gosport at Sep 5, 2017

Absolutely wonderful

This is the first time we have tried Bay Leaves and I would just like to say that the meal we had tonight was absolutely wonderful! There was so much food, cooked to perfection and great value for money. We look forward to seeing soon! Thank you for a great meal!

Tim, Gosport at Jul 18, 2015


Best Curry & Best Prices!

Taff Davies, Gosport at Oct 17, 2014

really enjoy their food

I have many indian take aways nearer than Bay Leaves but we really enjoy their food. Always delicious, never feels heavy or too oily like some places. Chefs specialities are yummy!"

Sarah, Bridgemary at May 8, 2014

Would highly recommend

Very nice food. Quick delivery and very polite staff. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

Kirsty, Gosport at Apr 20, 2014

best Curry takeaway

By far the best Curry takeaway in the area, I love the collection deals and the Gold Club, Keep it up.

Mark Stephenson, Gosport at Mar 10, 2014

would recommend

love bay leaves food, quick delivery, really nice delivery person would recommend 100%

rose morton, 1 lennox close at Dec 1, 2013

consistently very good

We always buy our Indian from here. It is consistently very good, well priced and delivered on time.

Tim, Gosport at Nov 20, 2013

Absolutely gorgeous

Absolutely gorgeous food, tasty and spicy. Our favourite take away.

Mrs C, Lee on the Solent at Sep 6, 2013

would recommend to anyone!

Would never go anywhere else for our curry, food is consistently excellent and the portions are very generous - would recommend to anyone!

Mrs West, Gosport at Jul 26, 2013

good quality

good food with good quality

tony, gosport at Jun 12, 2013

best curry house

i think on of the best curry house in gosport.

mr tony, at Jun 12, 2013

Always excellent

The food is always excellent, and the staff very polite.

Mrs Clarke, Gosport at May 8, 2013

never ever had a bad meal

Have never ever had a bad meal in the 3 years I have lived here. The excellent online service is easy to use and very quick. Highly recommended.

Steve Davis, Gosport at Apr 29, 2013

Best Indian take away ever!

Best Indian take away ever! Food is excellent value for money and delicious!

Mrs Griffiths, Gosport at Mar 19, 2013

Excellent food.

Quick and efficient service, excellent food.



Great food, delicious curry.

Char, Gosport at Jan 18, 2013

would not go anywhere else.

Good food,good service have used Bayleaves for years now, would not go anywhere else.

Debbie, Friary close at Aug 12, 2012

food was lovely

Excellent easy to order on line, and the food was lovely and good value for money

Andrew Macklin, Gosport at Aug 11, 2012

delicious food

delicious food and a very warm and friendly service

michelle mose, gosport at Jul 29, 2012


This online service is fast and user friendly EXCELLENT!!!

chris, gosport at Jul 22, 2012

great service

Great Website, easy to use, great service

El Tel, at Jul 13, 2012

highly enjoyable

Very good food, highly enjoyable

Ieuan, Gosport at Jul 12, 2012

Thoroughly recommend.

Excellent service and food. So easy to order online too. Thoroughly recommend.

Steve , Gosport at Jul 11, 2012

Tasty curry

Tasty curry every time.

Smudge, GOSPORT at Jul 4, 2012

absolutely lovely

the previous meal we had was absolutely lovely

Dean Smith, Gosport at Jun 30, 2012

Great service

Great service each and every time ... thank you

rhu, Gosport at Jun 26, 2012

Bayleaves is superb!

I had the pleasure of living just a few miles from the "curry mile" in Rusholme, Manchester as well as all of the other wonderful and diverse range of places to eat in that fabulous city. Much of the cuisine here disappoints me but Bayleaves is superb!

Nicola, Alverstoke at Jun 21, 2012

Excellent food

I have had many Indian meals in my time but I have just had a takeaway from Bay Leaves and ...... WOW!! Excellent food. I will definitely be ordering from here again. (And I suspect, again and again and .......)

Kim, Gosport at Jun 5, 2012

top draw Indian food

Look no further for really top draw Indian food. Quality food, excellent service. We tried once and are now regular customers.

Keith, Gosport at May 26, 2012

Bayleaves is my favourite place to eat!!!!!

From ordering the first time,i soo love what i had that i always order the same thing.I know all the other dishes will be lovely and i planned to buy different food everytime i order.Bayleaves is my favourite place to eat!!!!!

sameena, gosport at Mar 24, 2012

Gosport's best Indian

Without a doubt, Bayleaves is Gosport's best Indian...we tried the rest when we moved to the area but nothing can beat them! Guaranteed delicious food every time!

Sam T, Gosport at Mar 2, 2012

Gold Star

have been using the Bay leaf for many months now and wouldn't use any other indian take away, the food is spot on and the delivery service is brilliant.. Gold Star from me :-D

tania perkins, gosport at Feb 9, 2012

Absolutley Gorgeous Food

Absolutley gorgeous food at reasonable prices. Huge variety and get good freebies with every main meal

Miss, Gosport at Mar 30, 2011

Very Good Service

Very good service, delivery etc etc, i recommend the chicken Tikka biryani :)

Aidan, Gosport at Mar 30, 2011

The nicest i have ever had!

I had the Bay Leaves special curry, chicken and chick peas. It was fantastic. The nicest i have ever had!

Anonymous, Gosport at Mar 30, 2011

Best Saag Paneer

Wow, just the best Saag Paneer and Garlic cheese naan EVER. X

Julia, Gosport at Mar 30, 2011


food is very good.service was excellent

Anonymous, Gosport at Mar 30, 2011